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"Our recommendation is the new Propane Heat Pump from Vaillant. With flow temperatures upto 75 degrees this really is the future for heat pumps"

State-of-the-art heating technology with minimal environmental impact

Vaillant offers a great new model in our portfolio of air-to-water heat pumps with the introduction of the aroTHERM plus. This award-winning heat pump is the first in our range to use natural refrigerant R290. This refrigerant, commonly used in many household appliances, has a very low Global Warming Potential (GWP) that offers many advantages over refrigerants traditionally used in heat pumps.

The new aroTHERM plus heat pump has technical features for improved efficiency, as well as higher flow temperatures, so it's perfect for new and existing heating systems (including hybrid). It's also impressively quiet in operation; great for densely built-up terraced housing estates.

With a number of indoor units available to choose from the aroTHERM plus is adaptable for many different types of properties.

The uniTOWER, containing an integrated 190 litre hot water cylinder and hydraulic components, is pre-wired for fast and easy installation. With no refrigerant certification required, the connection of both the aroTHERM plus and uniTOWER modules can be completed in a single day with minimal manpower, causing little disruption for the end user.

For a more flexible solution the hydraulic module or the heat pump interface can be installed alongside our range of uniSTOR heat pump cylinders.


High performance

The aroTHERM plus heat pump has been designed to deliver the very best performance with low running costs, making it suitable for radiators as well as underfloor heating. With a flow temperature of up to 75°C, the aroTHERM plus can deliver more usable hot water with high hot water comfort levels and removes the need for direct electric immersion to sterilise the water, protecting from legionella.


Higher energy-efficiency

With a SCOP of up to 5.03, the aroTHERM plus is extremely energy efficient, enabling high energy savings against certain fossil fuels. The aroTHERM plus can also be combined with photovoltaic systems and integrated into smart power grids (SG-ready), so your customers can enjoy the benefits of variable electricity tariffs.


Super quiet

The aroTHERM plus works with the environmentally friendly R290 refrigerant, which has with sound power as low as 54 dB(A) for easier planning and siting, the aroTHERM plus is suitable for use in densely built-up terraced housing estates.


Natural refrigerant

Already fulfilling the next NZEB requirements, the aroTHERM plus uses monobloc technology with a hermetically sealed refrigerant circuit using the natural refrigerant, R290, to deliver the one of the lowest GWP of 3.

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